We believe companies do not simply need a cash injection but real financial partners. Our approach is to provide a holistic solution and this means

Equity that is long term -

This means we do not hinder any pre-planned Exit strategy but we believe by having proper and adequate Equity funds injected in one or more phases the investee company can benefit from the highest valuation opportunity. This typically means Equity investments of 3-5 years.

Debt that is optimally structured -

Many debt providers are simply pulling out of the SME market. It is also very difficult for growth companies in particular to access this kind of capital as they may not, at the time, have the necessary securable collateral available for such lenders. We simply do not think plain vanilla debt works well for growth companies and aim to provide more structured facilities that match obligations with the growth strategy of the investee company. This may involve subordinated loans, mezzanine, preference structures with or without warrants.

Management depth -

Where relevant we are extremely keen to assist investee companies secure the highest calibre management from our large network of business contacts and relationships. We believe any Exit will always be greatly enhanced with the right level of capable people.

Market reach -

We try to assist any investee company with access to our relationships for sales and marketing benefits. This may be as simply as a sales lead to buy products or more complex such as identifying another company to acquire or merge with.