EA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT’s team has been making equity and corporate debt investment decisions in the private as well as public markets over the last 20 years. We seek opportunities within a broad range of sectors but mainly focus on growth companies world-wide.


Decisions are made through a set of key parameters based on well researched investment criteria which are then agreed or rejected by our managing partners who are experienced investment banking professionals and entrepreneurs.


The backbone of our business remains the ability to analyse companies and identify investment opportunities. This helps our group and its partners make optimal funding plans and is provided through our in house capabilities within the EA RESEARCH group.


We try to attract the most talented associates by providing them a workplace of respect and dignity, where their personal contribution makes a great difference. Where we ensure that their contribution is acknowledged and rewarded. Value creating and long term profitability are our primary goals. Creativity and innovation are the two things that are celebrated in our company.

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